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A wood burning stove or an open fire is the focal point of a warm home. That said, it can be a source of concern when the chimney is left open to the elements and wildlife. Orkney Cowl Company provide a protective solution which is more robust than competitors and is capable of withstanding the test of time.

Our products have been tried and tested in the harsh weather conditions which the Orkney Islands present. High winds, cold temperatures and salty air make this the ultimate testing ground. Fortunately, robust design and high grade stainless steel produces a cowl which our clients have faith in.

Choosing which cowl to install is a decision clients want to make once. Certain products within the market are simply not designed to withstand British weather conditions. We do not want customers to incur installation costs and then feel uncertain about the life expectancy of their cowl. That is why we created the Orkney Cowl.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service before, during, and after you have chosen to deal with us. Our team of specialists are here to help you. Once you have selected the Orkney Cowl we can recommend a local installer and, of course, offer full after sales support.



Ian's experience as a fireman and safety officer has driven the development of the Orkney Cowl Company.

Tom is responsible for the commercial aspects of the business and enjoys working closely with clients to achieve solutions.

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