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The Orkney Cowl Company

The Orkney Cowl Company takes pride in engineering robust products to withstand harsh environments and protect your chimney from unwanted birds and rainwater.

The Storm Cowl has been developed to withstand the inhospitable weather conditions which the remote Orkney Islands present. High winds, cold temperatures and salty air make this the ultimate testing ground. 

We want our clients to fit a chimney cowl once and have peace of mind that they have made the right decision.

Small Cowl

Primarily designed for a twin-walled stainless steel flue with an external diameter of 7” (180mm)

Large Cowl

Generally for use on an older chimney pot with an external diameter between 11” and 12” (285 – 310mm)

Medium Cowl

For circular chimney pots with a rolled top – generally these pots would have been fitted in the past 20-30 years – external measurements between 9” and 10” (230mm – 260mm)

Bespoke Cowl

Custom designed product made to fit your specifications. Our team will guide you through the process.

To purchase an Orkney Cowl, please contact us using the telephone and email details noted above. We will advise you of your nearest retail stockist. 
  1. To prevent birds nesting in the chimney.  A birds nest can very quickly block a chimney flue causing a build-up of lethal fumes and gases.

  2. To keep rain out. The Orkney Cowl will repel rain from entering an unlined chimney and causing damp problems.

  3. ​To protect your flue liner and stove or boiler.  The lifespan of both the liner and stove or boiler will be greatly reduced if they are not protected from the elements.

  4. ​To prevent animals entering your chimney from the top. Birds, squirrels, cats and vermin have all been known to enter chimneys and end up in the property causing significant damage (and expense!).​

  5. To provide ventilation. An Orkney Cowl can provide essential ventilation in disused chimneys.

  6. ​To save you money. Prevent all of the above happening and the subsequent hassle and expense by fitting an Orkney Cowl now!

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